Addison Apartments is the apartment complex that all the residents live in. Terrance Addison owns the complex and is the established landlord. It is apparently hundreds of years old, according to Lisa.

History Edit

Centuries ago, a young Alyson Rosenberg sold her families land to the wealthy Addison family. The Addisons used the land to stage housing developments, but over time the Addisons died off, leaving only the timid Terrance Addison to continue his father's work.

In the days leading up to the arrival of Sal Fisher, a Cult known as the Devourers of God ran multiple rituals directly beneath the apartment building in an old temple where they carried out their mission to bring a demon onto the physical plane.

If was from this point forward that the apartment trapped the spirits of anyone who dies within its walls forever, including Red-Eyes.

The apartment building was going through financial difficulties during Sal's stay and still had an unfinished fifth-floor undergoing renovation after the murder of Stacy and Megan Holmes at the hands of a possessed Luke.

Presently, the Apartment has long since gone to pot and decay, with great deals of graffiti sprayed all over its exterior. It clearly has not recovered from its financial issues and was condemned.

Fifth FloorEdit

Room 504 - Stacy Holmes and Megan Holmes

Room 503

Room 502

Fourth FloorEdit

Room 403 - Mrs. Sanderson

Room 402 - Sal and Henry Fisher

Room 401 - Robert

Third FloorEdit

Room 304- Unknown Tenant (according to Sal, Formerly)

Room 303 - Chug

Room 302 - David

Room 301 - CJ, Azaria, and Sierra

Second FloorEdit

Room 204 - Charley Mansfield (formerly)

Room 203 - Unknown tenant (formerly, move out after Charley's arrest)

Room 202 - Todd Morrison

Room 201 - The Packertons (formerly)

First FloorEdit

Room 104

Room 103 - Mr. Addison

Room 102 - Miss Rosenberg (Formerly)

Room 101 - Mrs. Gibbson


Room 1B - Larry, Lisa, and Jim Johnson (Formerly)

Gallery Edit