Charley is a middle aged man that you interact with in the game "Sally Face"

Personality Edit

Charley is not really seen as a nice man. He cares immensely about his collection of toys and 'Glitter Ponies' and considers the collection his family.

Appearance Edit

He is only seen sitting in his recliner. He is seen overweight with a tight, white, stained shirt. He also has ripped, blue pants, and socks that are grimy with one being torn, showing his foot. He appears very unkempt and filthy.

Introduction In Game: Edit

He makes his appearance when Sal walks into his room. He just keeps stating the fact to never touch his ponies or toys. He doesn't move once from his recliner. He doesn't really give much information.

Trivia Edit

  • Charley fits many 'brony' stereotypes. Despite this, Steve Gabry states that he is not meant to be seen as one and that he is just passionate about the media he likes.
  • He's seen again sitting in the police car at the end of  episode 1 where he swears he's innocent.
  • Even though it doesn't seem like it, Charley was found innocent from Dr. Enon words.
  • Charley makes another appearance in Sal's nightmare in the 2nd episode with a zipper down his face that unzips after he states " I know you touched my pony ".

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