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Charley's Collecting Pony is the pink alicorn pony in the plush version that sits on top of the small shelf in Charley's Room in Addison Apartments during the Episode One. Later, it is confiscate by the polices after the Episode One and is in the hold during Episode Two as the evidence.

Introduction in the game (Collection)Edit

It is believe that this pony is the original item that Mrs. Sanderson owned and Charley steals this pony to add it to the collection by the time Sal Fisher arrived to check them out.

After Sal brings Charley the tea with sleeping medicine add in and gets Charley sleepy, Sal confiscates one of those pony plushes and gives it to the detective. After that, the polices confiscate the rest of the pony plushes and put them in the evidence box.

Introduction in the game (Glitter) Edit

Glitter Pony is the pink alicorn monster-like pony that appears in Sal's dream during Episode Two, it asks Sal for help because the water had stopped that makes it thirsty and Sal goes to fix the bathroom. However, after completing the work, the pony appears to be unmovable with its body thickened up from the water. That made the way for Sal to cross.


Toy versionEdit

Glitter versionEdit