Charley is a character found in chapter one and referenced in chapter two.

Personality Edit

Upon first meeting him, Charley acts arrogant and threatening, but later is friendly and sometimes a bit rude. He has an obsession with his collectibles, and always checks to make sure you don't touch them.

Appearance Edit

Charley is an overweight middle-aged man and fits the general description of a freeloader. He wears a tank top that is covered with a few yellow stains and he is always seen wearing his socks. One has a hole in the front, and he seems to be balding.

Introduction In Game: Edit

Charley is introduced when Sal knocks on his door while introducing himself to his neighbors. Charley allows Sal to come inside, and Charley immediately starts telling Sal about his collection.

Trivia Edit

  • Portable Moose stated on his site that even though Charley has a large collection of "glitter ponies" he isn't based off of the Brony fanbase.
  • He has shown to have a fondness for Addison tea to the point it could be called an unhealthy addiction.
  • He is proven to not be the murderer as shown in chapter two when Mrs. Sanderson is killed when Charley isn't present.
  • In chapter two, the image of Charley is shown in the police database that was filed the day he was arrested, but the person in the image doesn't even remotely resemble Charley.
  • He is also seen in chapter two during a dream sequence. During the dream sequence, Sal is walking down a long warped hallway when they reach the end. They see a version of Charley with a zipper on his face. He will claim that he knows Sal touched his pony, then he will cry blood and the zipper will open revealing the demon inside. This sequence scares Sal awake at the end of the cutscene.