The ever-inquisitive journalist Clare Nettles is determined to get as much information out the Sally Face killer as possible before his trial.

Appearance Edit

Clare Nettles is an average brunette woman, likely in her late 30s to early 40s with a scar across her parietal ridge.

Personality Edit

Clare Nettles, much like Sal Fisher, is a very calm and understanding individual, more than happy to adapt to fit the situation as needed.

When Sal accuses her of editing his story about the Bologna Incident, she remained unfazed and made a deal to air it untouched in exchange for full details.

Biography Edit

Clare Nettles serves as Faux News's news anchor for the trial of The Sally Face Killer and calmly questions the authenticity of various allegations perpetuated towards Sal.

When Sal agrees to tell her, in full, the details of why he refuses to eat bologna she reveals to him that his childhood friend, Ashley Campbell, was going to testify against him, much to his chagrin.

When Sal Fisher questions Nettles about the condition of Todd Morrison, she shares that he remains a patient at a mental institution who was prone to violence when his pleas for death went unheeded.

Trivia Edit

  • Clare is a reporter for Faux News, which is ironic because Faux is the French word for "Fake".