David is one of the background characters who lives in room 302. He's a strange man, who lives with the dummy called "Sara", he was a drug addict in the past. He also speaks in a Pittsburgh accent.


David had a bad addiction, during a conversation with him it is revealed that he did drugs during his teen. He has a dark skin tone, balding head, and scared black eyes.

Episode 2 "The Wretched"Edit

To get rid of boards on bedroom's door of room 504 Sally needs a crowbar, so he goes to Larry. Johnson tells him that David took his crowbar. After that Sal should go to David to take the crowbar, but David will say that it helps him to hold the shelf and his neighbours alway listen to loud music, so Sal goes to room 303 and asks group IGG to ease the music.

While visiting room 303, Sal helps the students to pick up the silent games and gentle music then Sal was bestowed a crowbar from David.

A visit inside of David's apartment reveals him to be in possession of the missing piece to Jim Johnson's Puzzle Box.


  • David took in the drugs during his youth and told Sal not to repeat his mistake.
  • Maybe David has anorexia.
  • The wedding photograph in his room showed David and Sara getting married.
  • Sally addresses to Sara as to the "living" character because of David's feelings.
  • David and Charley are similar characters in terms of attire and unhealthy habits.