Dr. Enon was a psychologist that had sessions with Sal before his trial.

Personality Edit

Because of his profession, Dr. Enon used to be very patient and calm when speaking with Sal.

He appears to be something of a pragmatist, looking at things as they are as a first approach to the given situation, however, he is willing to investigate what is or should be impossible or improbable when he visits Larry's Treehouse on Sal's word.

Appearance Edit

Doctor Enon had dark brown hair, a brown mustache, and brown eyeglasses. He wore a grey suit with a green tie.

Biography Edit

Enon first appears interviewing Sal Fisher a few days before his trial, asking about Sal's recurring dreams regarding his deceased mother. Enon proceeds to pry for details regarding Sal's encounter with Sandy Sanderson's corpse.

Sal willingly shares the story of Larry and their efforts to bring Charley Mansfield to justice for the suspected murder of Sanderson, but Enon writes most of it off as a potential trigger for Sal's alleged criminal activities. When the doctor pushes Sal for information about Larry Johnson he initially becomes tight-lipped, but when he was finally willing to speak the session came to an end.

After his second session, Sal tells Dr. Enon to look for the tree house. Although initially hesitant, the doctor honors Sal's request.

After Dr. Enon took his car and went to the Addison Apartments, he gets to the tree house. After finding nothing to prove Sal's stories or innocence the doctor becomes annoyed with himself for the faith he placed in the convict. Before he could leave, Larry's Ghost appears and begs him for aid, but the supernatural occurrences only cause Enon to faint and plummet to his death.

The screen turns black, then showing Dr. Enon's mangled corpse sprawled across the ground.

Trivia Edit

  • Dr.Enon has something similar to the doctor from "Fran Bow".
  • He is the only person to believe that Sal isn't guilty.
  • He is a superstitious man.
  • Dr. Enon is the first character in the game whom it's possible to play during Episode Two.
  • His name is a word-play. If his name "Enon" was spelling backward, it will be spelling as "None".
  • He has a wedding ring on his left ring finger, which granted that he is married.

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