Dr. Enon was a psychologist that had sessions with Sal before his trial.


Because of his profession, Dr. Enon used to be very patient and calm when speaking with Sal.


Doctor. Enon had dark brown hair, a brown mustache and brown eyeglasses. He wore a grey suit with a green tie.


After his trial Sal tells Dr. Enon to look for the tree house, and after Dr. Enon took his car and went to the Addison Apartments, he gets to the tree house. After entering, he inspects for a while and finds nothing. Annoyed, he starts to leave. Before leaving, Larry's ghost appears and tells Enon to get Sally out of jail, but this only caused Dr. Enon to get scared, falling out of the tree house.

The screen turns black, then showing Dr. Enon's dead body on the ground.