Henry Fisher is Sal's father.


Henry Fisher is the father of the protagonist of the game; Sal Fisher. Outwardly very similar to the son - has the same blue hair and blue eyes. Dressed in brown shades: sneakers, jacket and trousers. Sally Face's father is probably in a bad state. He constantly drinks after the incident, and uses sleeping pills to sleep better since he suffers from severe insomnia.

In Episode 1 it is hinted that he may be a recovering alcoholic as he is seen passed out in a chair with a flask in hand.

Despite this, Henry is a devoted and hardworking father who slaves away behind a computer to make ends meet. The loss of his wife effected him greatly, driving him into sadness and insomnia, but he holds Diane in his heart by setting the password of his computer to her name in the form of numbers (491145) and keeping one remaining letter from her underneath his bed.


He usually has a tired expression on his face. He is rarely seen throughout the game.

Story Edit

In the first episode he and Sally moved to their new home - 402 room in Addison's apartment. Henry does not take part in the storyline, only sleeping pills and a penny can be found in his room to exchange for him from Chuck the bathroom key in 504 apartment. In the second episode, he leads a more healthy lifestyle. Henry sits in his room and works at the computer and again does not affect the plot. Henry is absent in the third episode, because he went on a business trip. It is revealing by reading the note in their kitchen.


  • In Sally's dream, Henry said that his son is not a murderer.
  • Steve Garby tweeted that Sal and Henry were born with the blue hair.
  • There is a small possibility that Henry and Lisa are forming something of a platonic relationship in Episode 3, when Lisa comments on him being a "sweetheart" and the presence of flowers in front of her room from Henry.