Henry Fisher is Sal's father.


Henry is afflicted with great depression since the death of his wife and the mauling of his son. He often turns to pills and alcohol in order to numb his emotional turmoil.

Despite this, Henry is a devoted and hardworking father who slaves away behind a computer to make ends meet. The loss of his wife affected him greatly, driving him into sadness and insomnia, but he holds Diane in his heart by setting the password of his computer to her name in the form of numbers (491145) and keeping one remaining letter from her underneath his bed.

After marrying Lisa Johnson, Henry's mood improved considerably, turning away from his pills and alcohol and found comfort in the arms of his new wife.


He usually has a tired expression on his face. He has messy blue hair and beard with clothing similar to that of his son. Outwardly very similar to the son - has the same blue hair and blue eyes. Dressed in brown shades: sneakers, jacket, and trousers.

In the days leading up to the Mass Murder at Addison Apartments, Henry began to bald and gain wrinkles on his forehead.


Before moving to Addison Apartments, Henry Fisher happily married to the beautiful Diane and a father to the curious Sal.

Life took a turn for the worse on the day of a family picnic when his son wished to pet a dog. What followed and how Henry lost his wife is unknown but it is likely she was killed by a rabid dog or by a man (as Sal affirms in the future).

After Diane's funeral, Henry collected what little he owned and took his son to live in Addison Apartments, a much smaller home than their original housing in New Jersey.

The day of Charley Mansfield's arrest, Henry downs the contents of his flask and falls asleep halfway through unpacking. During his time asleep, Sal becomes familiar with the residents of Addison Apartments.

A few months into their stay, Henry became swamped with projects for work and kept him in front of his computer and away from Sal for the majority of winter.

When spring arrived, Henry developed a close relationship with Lisa Johnson, leaving her flowers and a note wishing her well while he was away on a business trip.

His relationship with Lisa soon blossomed into marriage, making Sal and Larry step-brothers, and they moved in together in room 402. However, this happiness was cut short by Sal Fisher after being infected by Red-Eyes.


  • In Sally's dream, Henry said that his son is not a murderer.
  • Steve Garby tweeted that Sal and Henry were born with the blue hair.
  • There is a small possibility that Henry and Lisa are forming something of a platonic relationship in The Bologna Incident, when Lisa comments on him being a "sweetheart" and the presence of flowers in front of her room from Henry, which is confirmed during the event of The Trial.
  • Henry, Ashley Campbell, Larry Johnson and Dr. Enon are the only characters have seen Sal's face without prosthetic.


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