Henry is Sal's father.


Henry Fisher is the father of the protagonist of the game - Sally. Outwardly very similar to the son - has the same blue hair and blue eyes. Dressed in brown shades: sneakers, jacket and trousers. Sally's father is probably in a bad state. He constantly drinks after the incident, uses sleeping pills to sleep better, because he suffers from severe insomnia


He usually has a tired expression on his face. He is rarely seen throughout the game.

Story Edit

In the first episode he and Sally moved to their new home - 402 room in Addison's apartment, Henry does not take part in the storyline, only sleeping pills and a penny can be found in his room to exchange for him from Chuck the bathroom key in 504 apartment. In the second episode, he leads a more healthy lifestyle. Henry sits in his room and works at the computer and also does not affect the plot. Henry is absent in third episode, because he went on a business trip. You can find out about this by reading a note in the kitchen of their room.


  • In Sally's dream Henry said that his son is nor a murderer.
  • Steve Garby tweeted that Sal and Henry were born with this hair color.
  • Probably he is suffering from losing his wife and blaming Sally.