Herman Sanderson was Sandy's husband.

Biography Edit

The reasons and motives of Herman joining the Devourers of God remain unclear, but his position in the cult's council hints that he was a dedicated and faithful zealot.

Herman was present during the summoning of the Red-Eyed Demon and the sacrifice of one of the cult's female acolytes. Sanderson managed to keep the details of his involvement with the cult a secret from his wife Sandy, but shortly before the arrival of Sal Fisher, Herman left to attend to matters with the Devourers of God. During this meeting, he (perhaps unintentionally) let slip some incriminating activities his wife had been involved in to Red-Eyes, an act that would cost him everything he held dear.

When Herman returned to find his wife slaughtered at the hands of Charley Mansfield he was absolutely devastated and couldn't bear to remain in Addison Apartments any longer. He had all of their belongings collected and left, never to be seen again.


Herman was deeply saddened when he heard that his wife had died. He even forced movers to remove all her possessions from the apartment because he couldn't stand to look at them anymore.


The only appearance of Herman is in a photo in room 403 and as a sprite in the video game Seeking Providence. In both he is portrayed as a very skinny man with neck-length hair.