"In Seeking Providence" is a game featured on the Super Gear Boy.


There are eight chapters in total, each revealing the background of characters in Sally Face.


In Chapter 1, the monologue starts off with a quote:

"She desperately sought a place among The Council, so the aspiring witch traveled deep into the castle for the initiation trial: to retrieve The Book of Forgotten Truths."

(Miss Rosenberg) retrieves The Book of Forgotten Truths and brings it to The Council members.

In Chapter 2, the monologue starts off with a quote:

"And the mysterious old woman gazed once again into Jim's eyes and said, 'If you can find the door this key unlocks, we will share the secrets of the universe with you...'"

(Jim Johnson) traverses a maze of lasers and buttons, which quickly ends at a large door he unlocks.

In Chapter 3, the monologue starts off with a quote:

"He knew not why he was drawn to this place, yet could not prevent his feet from treading the dirt path before him. Perhaps it was simply curiosity or perhaps it was destiny."

The player character (Greg) walks down a path and enters a church. (Greg) talks to (???) but is informed he cannot enter the apex unless he is a member of the church. (Greg) suddenly hears crying and goes to investigate the source. He has discovered (Stacy Holmes). (Greg) introduces himself to (Stacy) and explains how he lost his family in a factory fire.

In Chapter 4, the monologue starts off with another quote:

"When her husband learned of her indiscretions, Stacy knew there wasn't much time left. In fear for her life, she turned to an unlikely ally."

(Stacy)'s task is to cut the power on each floor. Once she's finished, she tells (Rose) and the two formulate a plan to stop The Council from any future summonings. (Rose) mentions someone named Luke.

In Chapter 5, the monologue starts off with a quote:

"Playtime was interrupted by the promptly setting sun. In that moment, the young girl realized she had gone far too deep into unfamiliar woods."

(Megan) wanders the forest until she runs into her mother. (Stacy) gives (Megan) a family heirloom to ward off evil spirits and asks (Megan) to keep it a secret from her father.

In Chapter 6, the monologue starts off with a quote:

"A young occultist found herself tangled in the bowels of the castle, searching for the final components The Council required."

(Stacy), in occultist attire, navigates through a dangerous maze in order to gather five skull talismans for The Council. Once (Stacy) has gathered all the talismans, The Council members appraise her efforts. They then use her to summon a being only known as ???.

In Chapter 7, the monologue starts off with a quote:

"In a moment he found himself somewhere else. Even though Luke wasn't sure how he ended up here, he knew what must be done."

Jim traverses the maze for a second time. He inputs symbols relating to the puzzle box he receives and the secret of the puzzle box is revealed to Sal.

In Chapter 8, the monologue starts off with a quote:

"After learning what Herman was involved with, Mrs. Sanderson reached out to a friend for help. They would meet up later that night."

(Sandy) and (Herman) are having a discussion at home. (Herman) leaves and (Sandy) starts compiling evidence against The Council. (Charley) breaks into the Sanderson's home and the screen fades to black, implying that he killed Mrs. Sanderson while possessed.