Jim Johnson is Larry's father and was Lisa's husband until he left the family under mysterious circumstances.


Jim Johnson, formerly known as Zarinthkampta, was a resident of an unknown world, living a peaceful and happy life amongst a society of technologically advanced individuals beside his sister and nephews. But it was not to last, Red-Eyes quickly seized dominion of the planet and consumed Jim's nephews, leaving him and his devastated sister Evelyn to flee from their doomed home.

After months drifting aimlessly through space, Jim found Earth and opted to land their ship despite his fears and uncertainties. Misfortune once again befell Jim when his sister vanished without a trace, sending his emotionally crippled being to seek refuge in Addison Apartments where he was greeted by the enigmatic Alyson Rosenberg and the lovely Lisa Garcia. Throughout his stay, he was plagued with mass hallucinations of his beloved sister Evelyn. Jim became infatuated with Lisa after all she had done to help him adjust to the apartments and eventually asked for her hand a year after his arrival.

Despite continued nightmares of Evelyn, Jim lived out a happy life and eventually became the proud father of Larry. But his happiness soon came to yet another end when Red-Eyes revealed himself to have followed the alien from his doomed planet to Earth. Jim's grief only worsened when he lost his stillborn daughter.

After his nightmares began to depict the death of his new family, Jim joined the Devourers of God in hopes to learn more about Red-Eyes and keep his loved ones safe in the process.

Jim vanished without a trace the day after Larry killed Mrs. Gibson pet rabbit by accident with his firecrackers, leaving his family with a feeling of great loss, one that was especially strong within his son.

After the arrival of Sal Fisher, Jim appears in the form of a phantom in the treehouse to make an effort to communicate with the boy but is only able to give reversed and chopped up dialogue, the only eligible words he speaks are "red ball", the sign that he was making contact with Sal.

The Phantom of Jim offers Sal indecipherable garbled communication throughout the events of the Bologna Incident.

When Dr. Enon is scared into plummeting to his death at the sight of a ghostly Larry Johnson, Jim was quick to report it to Sal as well as deliver a warning that "73 hours remain."


Little is known about Jim's personality. In his journal, he writes about caring deeply for his family and becomes very emotional when tragedy befalls them. Larry also recalls that his parents hardly ever fought and that they loved each other very much. This suggests that Jim was a loving father and husband before his disappearance.


Jim has a bald head, thick eyebrows, and a handlebar mustache, both russet red. His eyes are green. He appears middle-aged and is depicted wearing a leather jacket and green shirt.


Jim himself doesn't necessarily speak. However, he appears to Sal as The Phantom in Larry's Tree House in The House of the Wretched. He makes brief appearances to Sal in dreams three days before the boy's trial to share the death of Dr. Enon in The Bologna Incident.

The Bologna Incident also includes chopped up and mysterious dialogue throughout Sal's schoolday and investigation of Mrs. Packerton's apartment room 201.


  • Jim is second character in the game who isn't human. First one is Luke because he was a host for Red-Eyes, both on the physical and spiritual planes.
  • Larry is not at all like his father appearance-wise, but he inherited his love for Metal from him.
  • From his secret journal we can find out that he is an Alien and he came to the Earth after his planet was destroyed because of a shadow attack.
  • The first resident whom he met was Miss Rosenberg.
  • Jim Johnson is the name he took up after coming to the Earth for a year because his real name "Zarinthkampta 42-79" will raise some suspicion.
    • It is also one of system files in the game.
  • All the strange things in the apartment occur before Jim's appearance, which means that the Shadows that swallowed his planet have nothing to do with the Cult, but he himself may have been a part of it.