Jim Johnson is Larry's father and was Lisa's husband until he left the family under mysterious circumstances.

Story Edit

Personality Edit

Little is known about Jim's personality. In his journal he writes about caring deeply for his family and becomes very emotional when tragedy befalls them. Larry also recalls that his parents hardly ever fought and that they loved each other very much. This suggests that Jim was a loving father and husband before his disappearance.


Jim has a bald head, thick eyebrows, and a handlebar mustache, both russet red. His eyes are green. He appears middle-aged and is depicted wearing a leather jacket and green shirt.

Dialogue Edit

Jim has had no spoken lines in any episodes so far.

In episode 3, pages of his journal can be discovered and read.

Trivia Edit

  • Jim is second character in the game who isn't human. First one is Luke because he is a Demon.
  • Larry is not at all like his father, but he inherited his love for Metal from him.
  • From his secret journal we can find out that he is a Alien.
  • He arrived on Earth because shadow attack.
  • The first whom he met was Miss Rosenberg
  • His Planet was destroyed.
  • Jim Jonson - his nickname. His real name is "Zarinthkampta 42-79", also it is one of system files in the game.
  • All the strange things in the apartment occur before Jim's appearance, which means that the Shadows that swallowed his planet have nothing to do with the Cult, but he himself may have been a part of it.