"That means he.."

-Larry to Sally face

Spoilers Below Edit

Personality Edit

Larry is portrayed as a typical fanboy of metal. He seems to be very laid back and friendly. He believes he is cursed by the black demon due to his past. He is seen sad about his father leaving and hopes he will come back one day.

Appearance Edit

Larry is seen mostly wearing a light brown shirt with the Sanity's Fall's logo on it. He has long, skinny blue jeans that tuck into his brown shoes. His hair is dark brown, long, and unkempt.

He's also seen with a bright red jumper when he's outside in the cold.

Introduction In Game Edit

Larry makes his appearance in the first episode of the game after Sal meets Larry's Mother Lisa. Lisa tells Sal that he would get along well with Larry and urges him to introduce his self. Sally obtains a key card and goes to Larry's room where he befriends Larry. They both have a interest in Sanity's Fall, which is a metal band.

Trivia Edit

  • Larry somehow dies and is seen in the tree house as a ghost when Dr. Enon is exploring.
  • Larry loves to paint.
  • Larry killed his neighbour's bunny when he was younger, which he still regrets.
  • Larry has a tree house which appears in episode 2, he keeps his father stuff in the tree house.

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