Larry Johnson is the Deuteragonist of Sally Face and Sal's best friend.

Personality Edit

Larry likes heavy metal and is often laid back and a rather nice and friendly person. The only time he was seen expressing any other emotion was in Chapter Two to which there was a still frame of him crying when he found out that his dad might have actually left him and his mom.

He also paints psychedelic paintings and says he likes to go to his tree house that his dad built behind the building.

Appearance Edit

Larry is a teenage boy about Sal's age. Whilst they are most likely the same age he is a lot taller than Sal.

Whenever he is in the building he wears a Sanity Fall's t- shirt and jeans, when he's outside he wears a red hoodie. He also has a noticeable mole on the right side of his face like his mother and long hair.

Introduction In Game Edit

Larry first appears in chapter one, after getting the basement key from his mother Lisa after talking to her and her bringing up the idea of Sal and Larry possibly getting along.

Upon entering his room Larry and Sal (optionally) head bang to heavy metal music and have a short conversation leading the two to quickly become friends.

Trivia Edit

  • Pre game it is identified that Larry's father has been missing (presumed to have left the family by Lisa) for quite a long time.
  • Larry is confirmed to be 16 during the current time line of the game.
  • Larry is a big metal head seen from his home decor and music choice.
  • While his mole and eyes clearly look like his mothers he does have some features that likely were from his dad.
  • Larry seems to think he's cursed throughout the first two chapters of the game.
  • in chapter 3 was revealed to have a deceased baby sister that was stillborn.