Lisa Johnson is Larry's mother, she works as a maintenance women for the apartment block presumably for the last 10 years or more. She's on hands 24/7 and lives in the basement with her son implying that she's there rent free due to the service she provides.

Personality Edit

Lisa when you first meet her comes off as a very heart warming and caring women, she isn't afraid of Sal and doesn't insult him due to his prosthetic.

She seems to have a can do attitude and dislikes negative topics, she reminds Sal to always look at the bright side of things which is something she does often possibly to reassure herself to keep her positive mindset despite there possibly being hardships in her life.

Appearance Edit

Lisa has messy unkept long brown hair and eyes. She's mostly always seen in her blue janitor uniform with brown gloves and brown shoes.

She has tanish skin and looks very much like her son Larry who seems to take his looks after his mother rather than his father.

Introduction to Game Edit

Lisa makes her first appearance in the first episode, she's seen moping up the floor on the left side of the third floor. She seems a little bit startled when Sal starts talking to her but immediately warms up to the blue haired kid.

She talks to him about the apartment block and sets up Sal to meet her son saying the two will get along giving him the key card to the basement, later she seems very happy that Sal and Larry have become friends as she hopes Sal will be a good influence on him.

Trivia Edit

  • Lisa seems to enjoy the apartment block and rejects the idea of it being haunted
  • Larry mentions that Lisa wants none of her husbands stuff in their house so he put it in his treehouse.

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