lisa is the janitor that can be found cleaning the floor in chapter one.

Personality Edit

Lisa, when you meet her, and go through enough dialogue options she will say that she think sal and her son larry would get along and gives sal a key card to access the basement. she is seen sick in chapter two and says that larry is taking care of her.

Appearance Edit

lisa is depicted as tall brunette wearing a blue jumpsuit while wearing brown gloves and shoes. the gloves are noticeably damaged as is evident by the patch that is sewn on one of them.

Introduction to Game Edit

she can be found in chapter one on the third floor on the far left side mopping the floor. when you talk to her she will welcome sal to the building and tell him not to listen to the claims of ghosts haunting the building. after talking a bit more she gives you the basement key card thinking that sal and larry would get along well.

Trivia Edit

  • she thinks her husband left her and doesn't want any of his belongings in the house although, this was never confirmed as of yet.

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