Lisa Johnson, who went with her maiden name Lisa Garcia, is the janitor for Addison Apartments, ex-wife of Jim Johnson, and mother of Larry.


Lisa is shown to be a very kind and warm welcoming person, she is seen to be a very open-hearted individual and doesn't seem bothered by Sal at all, even introducing him to her son.


Lisa is depicted as a tall brunette wearing a blue jumpsuit while wearing brown gloves and shoes. The gloves are noticeably damaged as is evident by the patch that is sewn on one of them. She also has very droopy eyes due to working.


In the Golden Years of Addison Apartments, Lisa Garcia led a very calm and uneventful life under the Addison family's employ. That is until she meets a mysterious visitor in form of Jim Johnson, where she later welcomes him, clothes him, shelters him, and later, marries him.

Lisa's marriage with Jim was happy when she gave birth to Larry and were expecting a daughter, but things started to change when Jim worked with Alyson Rosenberg and the local cult known as the Devourers of God.

Eventually, Red-Eyes began to torment Jim and misfortune befell the family when the daughter was stillborn and her husband later vanished without a trace. Leaving her and her son, heartbroken.

When Sal Fisher arrives at Addison Apartments the day of Sandy Sanderson's murder, Lisa shares her sympathies with the newcomer and affirms that things aren't usually of the macabre in the ancient building. Eager to help the boy settle in, Lisa introduces him to her son Larry.

When questioned about her wellbeing, Lisa explains to Sal her concern for Larry's adamant beliefs that he was cursed.

A couple of months after the arrest of Charley Mansfield, Lisa falls ill and is bedridden for a few days under the care of her son.

During the events of the Bologna Incident she is seen preparing the plumb in the kitchen and is eager to spend time with Henry Fisher and Sal when the latter proposes a movie night for the following weekend.

In the years that followed, Henry and Lisa got married and moved into Room 402 of Addison Apartments together. Unfortunately, their happiness was cut short by Sal after they were infected by Red Eyes.


  • She believes her husband, Jim Johnson, left her and doesn't want any of his belongings in the house although, this was never confirmed as of yet.
  • In a dialogue option, she says that she has been living in the apartments for awhile, "goin' on ten years now".


The Wretched

The Bologna Incident

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