Megan is the ghost of a seven year-old girl haunting Addison Apartments who supposedly drowned in Wendigo Lake along with her parents, Stacy and Luke.

As it turned out however, this was a coverup story to hide the fact that she and her mother were murdered.


Megan is a sweet and innocent girl who does her best to assist Larry and Sally in their investigation. Apparently, she is a bit shy towards Sal's friends and rarely appears before them.

She does not seem to remember anything from the day of her murder.


Megan has short purple hair and light purple eyes. She wears a ripped brown dress.

When she was alive, Megan used to wear a cross necklace that used to belong to her grandmother, given to her by her mother as a "gift" to protect her from her violent husband, as well as the Cult.


A picture of Megan when she was still alive.

Trivia / Speculation Edit

  • Given her bulging, bloodshot eyes and veiny skin it is possible the cause of her death was by strangulation.