Miss Rosenberg is an elderly resident in Room 102.


Rose talks cryptically throughout the game and is prone to lengthy tangents when conversing with Sal.

In the video game Seeking Providence, she is shown to be a driven and ambitious woman who would do whatever it took to receive recognition from the Cult's Council. This changes later when she concocts a plan to halt the ritual a tome she had stolen would bring about.


Rose is an elderly woman with grey hair and glasses. She wears a purple blouse, a pearl bracelet and blue pants. She does not wear any shoes.


Many years before the arrival of Sal Fisher, Alyson Rosenberg was a naive young woman who sold her family's land to the Addisons where a lodging building was to be built over an ancient temple that the cultists would soon call home.

It is unknown how Rosenberg became involved with the cult, only that she desired a place among their council and retrieved the Book of Forgotten Truths to gain favor and the position she desired.

When Jim Johnson arrived from his desolated planet she greeted him and requested he joins the cult and herself in their efforts. When he refused, she appears in his dreams, continuing to compel him to reconsider his decision. Eventually, Johnson concedes.

Although her motives for betraying the cult remain unknown, Rosenberg went to great lengths to halt their efforts to summon The Red-Eyed Demon. She successfully recruited Stacy Holmes, Gregory Montague, and Sandy Sanderson, to help her thwart the cult. Although they successfully destroyed the bones and pilfered the Book of Forgotten Truths they still failed as Red-Eyes swiftly took hold of a female cultist and later a foolish Luke Holmes to carry out his mysterious goals. All involved (including Rosenberg herself) were violently butchered by Red-Eyes.

Rosenberg remained as a ghost in Addison Appartments Room 102, putting on the guise of a forgetful geriatric female whose thoughts gravitated towards death commonly. When Sal speaks with her, she mistakes the boy for a girl and reveals the story of the Addisons and her foolish actions. When the Super Gear Boy is used her true form is revealed and a chapter of the device is unlocked. She gives only a grim warning that Sal shouldn't mess with things he didn't understand.

Rosenberg's final appearance was in Episode 3 when she is zapped by the Super Gear Boy a second time and reveals that she was truly a ghost from the start and leaving behind a page of Jim Johnson's journal for Sal.


  • Her given name, Alyson, was revealed in Jim's secret journal.