Mrs. Gibson is a resident that lives in Room 101.


Mrs. Gibson is a very reserved and independent resident of Addison Apartments, and she despises the notion of others thinking her weak because of her age.

Although initially cold towards Sal Fisher she eventually softens up in The Bologna Incident.

The death of her rabbit may have served as a catalyst for her isolated and bitter behavior.


So little known about her, she appears to wear the lavender short tank-tops, the purple boxers, and the socks with matched color. She appears to be very wrinkled all over and has a head of purple hair.

Biography Edit

Details about Gibson's past have been rather minimal, but a bit about her is revealed by Larry Johnson in a story about his past.

Mrs. Gibson apparently became colder to everyone when a stray firecracker from Larry killed her beloved rabbit.


  • In some country versions, her surname is spelled "Mrs. Gibbson" in the Episode One while the name "Mrs. Gibson" was used in the later Episodes.
  • It's possible her husband either divorced her or died, as she is a Mrs instead of a Ms.