Mrs. Sanderson was a resident of Addison Apartments and used to live in Room 403 prior to her gruesome murder.

She appears as a corpse in the very first chapter, "Strange Neighbours", and as a ghost in the the second.


Not much is known about her personality before her death as she was the first character in the game to die, other than the fact that she seemed very caring and polite.


Mrs. Sanderson appears to be a light-skinned woman in her thirties. She wears a pink dress reaching just below her knees, as well as purple nail polish and purple earrings; both of which match the colour of her extrordinarily big eyes.

Her hair is curly and green, in contrast to the rest of her outfit. She is seen wearing dark blue slippers.

Trivia Edit

  • Her husband Herman seems to be the member of the local cult.