Mrs. Sanderson was a resident of Addison Apartments and used to live in Room 403 prior to her gruesome murder.

She appears as a corpse in the very first chapter, "Strange Neighbours", and as a ghost in the second.


Not much is known about her personality before her death as she was the first character in the game to die, other than the fact that she seemed very caring and polite.

In the video game Seeking Providence, she appears exclusively in chapter 8 as a sprite. In said chapter she displays considerable bravery dodging the cultists to retrieve the tome, an endeavor in which she succeeds in seconds before he grizzly murder at the hands of a possessed Charley Mansfield.


Mrs. Sanderson appears to be a light-skinned woman in her thirties. She wears a pink dress reaching just below her knees, as well as purple nail polish and purple earrings; both of which match the color of her abnormal large eyes.

Her hair is curly and green, in contrast to the rest of her outfit. She is seen wearing dark blue slippers.

As a ghost, her clothes are bloodied and her throat slit (it is through said slit that she can speak).

Story Edit

Prior to her husband's involvement with the local cult, Mrs. Sanderson was a happily married woman who collected Glitter Ponies and made friends with the local residents of Addison Appartments.

Upon learning of her husband's dealings, Sanderson stole a sacred tome from the cultists, desperate for answers. It was an unknown amount of time later that she reached out to Larry Johnson for some assistance with her plumbing. When Larry finished his task he bore witness to Sanderson's grizzly slaughter at the hands of Charley.

Her corpse is later seen in the coroner's truck with a giant slit in her throat and a fracture across the top of her skull.

In Episode 2, she speaks to Sal as a ghost in room 403. She still worries about her husband's health and is visibly terrified of Red-Eyes like the other ghostly residents of the damned building when she quickly flees.

In Episode 3, she gives Sal a page of Jim Johnson's journal before promptly fleeing at the behest of an unknown individual.

Trivia Edit

  • Her first name, Sandy, was revealed in Super Gear Boy during Chapter Eight.
  • Her husband Herman seems to be the member of the local cult.