Neil is Todd's boyfriend.


Neil is a young African American Boy with brown hair and stubble.


Neil is a very easygoing and caring individual, lending a sympathetic ear to Sal's recurring nightmares and returning the boy's phone.


Neil was Todd Morrison's boyfriend through high school and into college, moving in with him and Sal Fisher while the gang continued their investigation into the Devourers of God.

On the day of the Mass Murder at Addison Apartments, Neil lent an ear to Sal's troubled nightmares and returned the boy's phone before going to his shift at the local cafe.

After the Mass Murder, Neil attended Sal's trial and witnessed the instigator of slaughter's sentence to death by electric chair.


  • Neil is one of the three homosexual characters in the game, the other two being Todd Morrison and Travis Phelps.


The Bologna Incident

The Trial