The Red-Eyed Demon (or Red Eyes by the fans), is, as its name suggests, a coal-black skeletal demon with blood red eyes and an unknown agenda.


Not much is known about Red-Eyes as an individual being but it is shown throughout the game its activities and its behavior.

Red-Eyes is hinted to require a vessel in order to move about the physical (and perhaps even spiritual) plane. It first took residence within a female cultist when the Devourers of God (the main cult) summoned it using five artifacts and three tomes (one of which is the book of Forgotten Truths).

An unknown amount of time later it tricked Luke Holmes into allowing it inside his body with promises of reward and greatness. Red-Eyes took residence inside Charley Mansfield to instigate a bloody slaughter. Its current vessel is Todd Morrison, although it is unknown how or when this monster possessed the boy.


Red-Eyes is a cunning and manipulative individual, proving capable of tricking Luke Holmes to not only surrender his body to it but to massacre his entire family for the promise of reward.

Red-Eyes possesses no qualms about killing innocents to get its way, having consumed Jim Johnson's entire homeworld to further its goals and even following the alien to Earth and tormenting his family.


Red-Eyes is an unknown malevolent force that has existed for possible eons and is the malevolent responsible for the grim end of Jim Johnson's world. Red-Eyes followed the man to Earth where it would dwell inside the confines of Addison Apartments and torment Jim's family for years to come.

A few years into the demon's arrival, a cult was formed that made an effort to give it a physical form, allowing this demon to roam the world without a vessel, sacrificing one of their own cultists to serve as a temporary construct for it to inhabit. Red-Eyes furthered its goals using a gullible Luke Holmes as a host and would later influence Luke to butcher his own family, believing they would prove insignificant obstacles in their quest to achieve great things.

An indeterminable amount of time later, it appeared before Larry Johnson and supposedly placed a curse upon him that would foreshadow all the misfortune that would soon befall the youngest of the Johnson family.

Despite this, Red-Eyes was thwarted by the efforts of Alyson Rosenberg, Stacy Holmes, Greg Montague, and (likely unintentionally) Sandy Sanderson when they destroyed a mysterious tome that was allegedly pivotal in its quest to achieve a physical form (albeit it is unknown if they succeeded). It was likely as an act of retaliation that this demon took up residence within the body of Charley Mansfield to brutally butcher Mrs. Sanderson moments before the arrival of Sal and Henry Fisher, the former of which it meets briefly in the kitchen of Larry's apartment.

When Sal converses with the ghosts it quickly approaches and forces them into hiding but it never directly confronts the blue-haired boy until he stumbles upon the hanging corpse of Luke Holmes. Red-Eyes is quick to shed his skin and attack Sal before it is zapped away by Larry with a new invention by Todd.

It is likely due to this that Red-Eyes took up residence within Todd who currently resides within a mental institution.


  • It is possible that Red-Eyes needs permission to enter a vessel as all of its hosts before Todd was promised something.
  1. Female Cultist (Consented out of obligation to the Devourers of God)
  2. Luke Holmes (Consented out of promise of reward)
  3. Charley Mansfield (Possibly for the promise of the Glitter Pony)