The Red-Eyed Demon (or Red Eyes by the fans), is, as its name suggests, a coal-black skeletal demon with blood red eyes and an unknown agenda.


Red Eyes is more than an entity of great power and malicious intent, it is an envoy for the entire legions of darkness that consumed the planet of Jim Johnson.

Despite its enormous potential, Red Eyes requires a vessel to roam about the spiritual and physical planes of existence. It hates using living humans as hosts because it finds their skin to be agitating and thus prefers to use ghosts as they possess properties needed to traverse the planes of existence without any human needs holding it down (hunger, thirst, etc.)

Red Eyes "spreads" via rune capsules summoned by the Devourers of God and infects human populations through osmosis and proximity, stripping them of their will to go on and pushing them to suicide.


Red Eyes is a cunning and manipulative individual, proving capable of tricking Luke Holmes to not only surrender his body to it but to massacre his entire family for the promise of reward.

Red Eyes possesses no qualms about killing innocents to get its way, having consumed Jim Johnson's entire homeworld to further its goals and even following the alien to Earth and tormenting his family.

When it arrived on Earth, it infected the Addison family with ease and was only thwarted thanks to the efforts of Terrence Addison, via butchering all of its hosts.

When possessing Evelyn, Red Eyes is livid, shouting out profanities and voicing its impatience regarding the cult’s efforts to aid it in the infection of the populace. Behavior it blames on the human skin.


Red Eyes is an unknown malevolent force that has existed for possible eons and is the malevolent responsible for the grim end of Jim Johnson's world. Red Eyes followed the man to Earth where it would dwell inside the confines of Addison Apartments and torment Jim's family for years to come.

Jim's lost sister, Evelyn; who had also eluded Red Eyes, became trapped in the Spectral Plane, making her prey for the dark force and provided a temporary vessel for Red Eyes to use and appear to Jim occasionally throughout his stay in the apartment building. However, the deity found human qualities such as hunger and thirst to be limiting, and was especially agitated by skin, and shifted towards the use of ghosts as vessels, concluding that they would last longer and not be impeded by human needs.

A few years into the demon's arrival, a cult was formed that made an effort to give it a physical form, allowing the demon to spread throughout the world, sacrificing one of their own cultists to serve as a temporary construct for it to inhabit. Despite this, the demon was plenty powerful and infected the entire Addison Family, including Terrence. However, the demon's efforts were thwarted by the young boy when he butchered his entire family to prevent him from spreading any further, however, its influence slowly changed Terrence into something else for years to come.

Red Eyes furthered its goals using a gullible Luke Holmes as a host and would later influence Luke to butcher his own family, believing they would prove insignificant obstacles in their quest to further the cult's goals.

An indeterminable amount of time later, it appeared before Larry Johnson and supposedly placed a curse upon him that would foreshadow all the misfortune that would soon befall the youngest of the Johnson family.

Despite this, Red Eyes was thwarted by the efforts of Alyson Rosenberg, Stacy Holmes, Greg Montague, and (likely unintentionally) Sandy Sanderson when they destroyed a mysterious tome that was allegedly pivotal in its quest to achieve a physical form (albeit it is unknown if they succeeded). It was likely as an act of retaliation that this demon took up residence within the body of Charley Mansfield to brutally butcher Mrs. Sanderson moments before the arrival of Sal and Henry Fisher, the former of which it meets briefly in the kitchen of Larry's apartment.

When Sal converses with the ghosts it quickly approaches and forces them into hiding but it never directly confronts the blue-haired boy until he stumbles upon the hanging corpse of Luke Holmes. Red-Eyes is quick to shed his skin and attack Sal before it is zapped away by Larry with a new invention by Todd.

Many years later, Red-Eyes regained its strength and re-entered the world thanks to the efforts of the Devourers of God. It now resides within Todd after the boy was abducted and offered to it as a new vessel.

(It is possible that other entities of the same race as Red-Eyes were summoned by the Devourers of God and proceeded to infect all the residents of Addison Apartments. Before they could spread, however, all the hosts were butchered by Sal Fisher.)


Aside from being able to take control of both ghosts and living humans, the Red-Eyed Demon is capable of mass "infection" with the help of the Devourers of God. (The exact details of this mass infestation are unclear, but it will have the placeholder name of Red-Eyes Infection/Infestation (REI). What follows is somewhat speculative)

REI all stems from a dark capsule summoned by the cult and into Addison Apartments. Upon impact, pure shadows leak out of the capsule and into anyone within close proximity. Once infected, there is no return, as revealed by a young Terrance Addison, and the only way to stop it from spreading is the death of all the carriers.

Once infected, the victims seem to lose any semblance of will and voice the ideals of the Devourers of God to anyone who listens. On the physical plane, the infected appear normal, but on the spiritual plane, they are cloaked in black goo and have shining white eyes. Destroying the capsule seems to temporarily free the afflicted from their condition, however, it returns with time, as evidenced by the existence of the Endless One (AKA Mr. Addison's "True Form").

Whether or not this is a power of the Red-Eyed Demon, or simply the work of more of his kind remains unknown.


  • List of Vessels:
  1. A female cultist (consented out of obligation to the Devourers of God)
  2. Luke Holmes (consented out of the promise of reward)
  3. Charley Mansfield (possibly for the promise of the Glitter Pony)
  4. Believed to be one of the Shadows that attacked Jim Johnson on his way to earth and consuming his sister Evelyn.
  5. Every resident of Addison Apartments (Temporarily, due to proximity to the Black Capsule)
  6. Todd Morrison (Forcefully as a result of the ritual)
  • Red-Eyes is similar to Venom from the Marvel Universe in the sense that he requires a vessel to survive and used the term 'we' instead of 'I' when he talks through Evelyn on the videotapes.
  • It is hinted that there are multiple 'Red-Eyes' and the one residing in Addison Apartments is merely the envoy sent to spread and infect the populace.
  • It is possible that Red Eyes can not directly infect a ghost, rather, it needs to have infected it in life in order to maintain a grip after death. Which explains why Todd is mentioned to be begging for death and Luke hanging himself.