Sal Fisher, otherwise known as "Sally Face", is the titular main protagonist of the game. He is often mistaken as a girl, and when addressed as one appears to pay no mind to it as he does not correct it.


Sal has blue eyes and wears a prosthetic which hides his face and usually is seen as creepy by other people, he keeps his light blue hair tied up in two pig tails and has two piercings on each ear which usually leads people to mistake him as a girl. Sal is seen wearing a black sweater with ripped red jeans and blue and white sneakers. 

Whilst he's out in the snow he puts on a pair of blue finger-less mittens and green earmuffs.

Throughout the series we see Sal in present time, with his hair out of its pig tail hairstyle and wearing an orange prison jumpsuit. At that time he still wears a similar if not the same prosthetic.


Sal is a relaxed and adventure seeking teenage boy, he seems to be resourceful and has the ability to keep his cool during stressful situations seen through his interactions with ghosts.

He seems to make friends easily throughout the apartment block and comes off as friendly and polite no matter how scared people might be of his prosthetic, this is seen with his interactions with the people in the building and Miss Rosernberg as she misgenders him which he does not correct probably due to wanting to be polite.

Introduction in GameEdit

Sal is introduced in the very beginning of the game, he's seen in a hospital room with a gown and a bloody bandaged face. The gamer starts out moving him through the area and manuvouring through a small puzzle while collecting the numbers for a passcode before entering what seems to be a morgue where the gamer sees Sal's father, the two interact for a bit before the gamer moves on to see 'THIS IS YOUR FAULT' written in blood on the wall. 

As you move further forward you see what is revealed to be Sal's mother in a hospital bed, the screen pans in to see her closed eye face. The scene then changes to us seeing the back of Sal's face in what seems to be a therapist room, across from him is a therapist with glasses. 


  • Althrough his name is Sal, "Sally" or "Sally Face" is what people tend to call him.
  • Due to 'Sally Face' being used as a way to bully him, Sal turned the insult into a nickname, which Larry enjoys calling him.
  • Sal has a cute fat cat called Gizmo 
  • Sal's unnatural hair colour seems to have come from his father since his mother is seen as a blonde.
  • Sal seems to enjoy metal as much as Larry
  • Another main character Larry Johnson is Sals best friend
  • it has been confirmed that Sal takes medication for Depression, Anxiety and Migraines
  • Sal dislikes the taste and smell of cigarettes
  • Many fans think Sal was attacked by a dog at a young age and it might of ended with his face damaged beyond repair.

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