Sal Fisher, otherwise known as "Sally Face," is the titular main protagonist of the game.

Appearance Edit

Sal has blue eyes and wears a prosthetic face which is usually seen as creepy by others. It is primarily white with a darker patch over the right eye. He keeps his bright blue hair tied up in two pigtails and has two piercings in each ear. Sal is most consistently seen wearing a black sweater, ripped red jeans, and blue and white sneakers.

While out in the snow he wears a pair of blue fingerless mittens and green earmuffs.

Throughout the series he is also sometimes seen with his hair out of the pigtails, and in flash-forwards he wears his hair down and is wearing an orange prison jumpsuit.

Personality Edit

Sal is an adventurous teenage boy. He seems to be resourceful and has the ability to keep his cool during stressful situations, as seen through his interactions with ghosts. He comes off as friendly and polite regardless of rude or frightened responses he may get from people who are reacting to his prosthetic. Sal frequently offers a listening ear or kind word to others, even to those who have been unfriendly to him. His compassion and willingness to help people regardless of their appearance or standoffish behavior is demonstrated time and again.Though he is a kind person, Sal is capable of snapping back at those who try to hurt him through the use of sarcasm. In episode 3 his quick wit is demonstrated in response to bullying from Travis. He does not report the resulting punch in the face from Travis, however, and he does not correct comments made towards him out of ignorance rather than malice (such as when Miss Rosenberg misgenders him), so he doesn't seem to enjoy confrontation. He also does not seem to approve of violence, as he protests when his friends even jokingly threaten to kill Travis for bullying Sal. In flash-forwards he appears to be significantly more jaded and less trusting of others.He is well educated though he is seen seemingly wandering off in class. It is not known whether or not this is common.

Introduction in game Edit

Sal is initially introduced through a dream sequence. In this sequence, he is a young child with his face bloody and bandaged, and he is wearing a hospital gown. He wanders through a hospital, searching for his father, before escaping into a graveyard where a crowd of mourners are gathered around a grave.He approaches a dog at the far end of the grave site, and when he tries to interact with the dog, it says that it "buried her alive" and to go and see. When Sal approaches the grave, now without mourners blocking the view, it is revealed to have the name "Diane Fisher" written on it.Sal jumps into the grave and finds a room with his father in it. His father says that Sal is not his son, because his son is not a murderer. Then his father fades into a chalk outline on the wall, and further in the room, "THIS IS YOUR FAULT" is written in blood. When Sal progresses past this room, he enters a morgue containing the corpse of his mother, Diane, in a hospital bed.This ends the dream sequence, and it is revealed that Sal is describing the dream to a therapist, Dr. Enon. Sal is older, has his hair down, and is wearing an orange jumpsuit. Enon acknowledges the dream as interesting, but says that they should come back to it later and asks to hear more about "the body." Sal asks "which one?" and Enon says, "the second one." This prompts Sal to talk about when he first moved to Addison Apartments, thus properly beginning the story of the game.

Trivia Edit

  • Whilst his name is Sal, people frequently call him "Sally" or "Sally Face."
  • Sal reclaimed the name "Sally Face" from his former bullies.
  • Sal has a cat named Gizmo.
  • It is confirmed that Sal takes medication (which is seen in his room) for anxiety, depression, and migraines.
  • Sal's right eye is glass, as can be seen at the beginning of Episode 2 when he wakes up in the middle of the night after a nightmare. In this scene, his prosthetic face is removed and his hair is down to cover his face, exposing only his left eye. His glass eye is in a cup of water on his bedside table.
  • Sal's unnatural hair color seems to have come from his father, since his mother is blonde.
  • Sal plays electric guitar, as shown by the guitar and amp in his room.
  • Sal's favorite types of music are rock and metal, though he likes a little bit of everything.
  • Sal's best friend is Larry.
  • Some fans theorize that Sal's facial disfigurement may have been caused by a dog attack.
  • Sal is a Sagittarius.
  • Sal is an estimated 115 lbs
  • Sal's birthstone is a blue zircon.