Soda is a character in Sally Face. She is Chug and Maple's daughter.


Soda is a child with Chug's appearance and Maple's hair color. Her eyes are almost unnaturally wide with a slight shine in the pupils.


Soda is a little cute girl and she always wants to go for a ride on Sal's shoulders.


By the time Sal and Larry arrived, Soda got a rash and her parents had to rub some ointment on her twice a day.

When the Devourers of God sprung into action and the Dark Capsule was planted in Addison Apartments, all residents were infected. On the spectral plane in said event, Soda somehow came into possession of a Dark Glitter Pony from Charley's room.

The day of the Red-Eyed Demon infestation, Soda and her father were both infected by Red Eyes and were sequentially slaughtered by Sal to prevent it from spreading.