Terrance Addison (mostly referred to as "Mr. Addison") is the landlord of Addison Apartments. He sells tea to his tenants for 25 cents and 50 cents for non-tenants.


Mr. Addison, according to Miss Rosenberg, is a very timid man despite his cheerful persona, who basically became a nervous wreck after his parents passed away. Sally meets him in the 103rd apartment on the first floor when he goes to get acquainted with his neighbors. Addison never comes out of his room, mentioning that he's "very particular about his privacy." He speaks very politely and businesslike. The tenants, except for Larry, love his signature tea, which he makes himself.


All that's seen of Mr. Addison is his eyes, mainly. It seems that he has perhaps dark brown hair, dark brown eyes, and somewhat indistinguishable skin color.

Episode One "Strange Neighbors"Edit

In order to take Charley's Glitter Pony, Sal needs to put him to sleep. This can be done with Addison's tea, which he gives if you say the special words.

Mr. Addison appears as an NPC and only affects the development of the events with Charlie.

Episode Two "The Wretched"Edit

After Miss Rosenberg tells Sally the synopsis of Mr. Addison's life, if he goes to visit Mr. Addison, Sal expresses his concern for / condolences to him, after which Mr. Addison thanks Sal for his sincerity, calling him a great friend.

He serves as a regular NPC and doesn't affect any main events in this chapter.

Episode Three "The Bologna Incident"Edit

Right by his door is a sign (made by Sal and Larry) of the price for his tea. Mr. Addison said that he did like giving his tea out for free but that he just couldn't afford it for any longer.

He's a regular NPC and again doesn't affect any main events in this chapter, either.


  • He is very rarely ever referred to as his first name.
  • His name is spelled "Terrence" in the second chapter but "Terrance" in the third.
  • According to Miss Rosenberg, he "worshiped" his father and his father was the most important thing in his life.
  • Mr. Addison had a family but they all died in an accident.
  • Mr. Addison followed in his father's footsteps, taking his place as landlord of Addison Apartments and giving up his dream of wanting to open up a tea house.
  • Sal was the one to offer the idea of pricing his tea instead of it being free for all.


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