The Devourers of God, or simply The Cult, is a group of supernatural zealots armed with a singular mission: to bring a demon into the physical plane, no matter the cost.

It is currently unknown how many of their members are still active or if they truly succeeded in their goals.

Story Edit

Shortly after Alyson Rosenberg sold her family's land to the Addisons the cult's temple was buried beneath the newly erected housing complex. Regardless, the cult resumed its activities unbeknownst to the public.

At an unspecified point in time, Luke Holmes was inducted into the cult and quickly rose through the ranks. Seeking similar treatment, Rosenberg retrieved the Book of Forgotten Truths from the entombed temple and presented it to the Council making demands for a place among them, and they were gladly fulfilled.

Not long afterward, Jim Johnson; distraught by the loss of his sister Evelyn, found a home above the temple and unknowingly brought the cultists what they wanted. The cultists compelled the alien to join them (although it is unclear why) under the promise of answers. Eventually, Johnson relents and promptly rose into the ranks of the Council.

A young female cultist ventured into the bowels of the Cult's Temple to retrieve five relics needed to complete the ritual that would bring the Red-Eyed Demon into their world completely. Upon succeeding, the Council sacrificed their eager member to Red-Eyes where she would serve as the deity's first vessel.

The Devourer's of God's efforts proved for naught as Rosenberg made efforts to sabotage their ritual before it could be completed. It is unknown what followed, but the cult went underground and Red-Eyes slaughtered all who conspired against him and trapped their spirits to the cursed Addison Apartments.

(It is possible that it was because of Red-Eyes's murder of Sandy Sanderson that the cult emerged once more to cover up the incident under the guise of law enforcement officers. There is a possibility that this could be true as the "officers" weren't in the Police Departments records and the Charley Mansfield that was arrested looked nothing like the Charley who slaughtered Sanderson.)

A few months into the arrival of Sal Fisher, Mrs. Packerton, a math teacher at Nocksfell Highschool, came out of hiding as an operating member of the Devourers of God. For months, Packerton abducted several students and deboned them, using whatever was left to make the school's bologna. It is unknown who, if anyone, is perpetuating the Devourers of God's efforts after Packerton was killed by a drunk driver.

Members Edit

  • Luke Holmes (Council Member and possible Leader, status unknown - most likely deceased)
  • Jim Johnson (Council Member, missing)
  • Herman Sanderson (Council Member)
  • Alyson Rosenberg (former Council Member, deceased)
  • Mrs. Packerton (Member, deceased)
  • Charley Mansfield (Possibly)
  • Unnamed Officer and Detective (Possible members or loyalists)
  • Unnamed Female Cultist (Member, likely deceased)
  • Unnamed Male Cultist (Ghost, deceased)

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