Todd Morrison is a character in Sally Face that appears for the first time in Chapter Two.


Todd lives in the same apartment complex as Sal in Room 202. He is considered very tech savvy as is evidenced by a large amount of technology in his room. His parents apparently saw it as an unhealthy amount of technology and gave him a fish which he named Bob to "counter all of the technology".

Appearance Edit

He is about average height, wears glasses, and has curly orange hair. the end of Episode 3, he is in a straight jacket with his hair short and growing a beard, he is considered to be possessed possibly by the demon seen in Episode Two. Sal knows this and says that he can help if he is allowed to visit him.

Biography Edit

Meeting the Others Edit

Todd meets Sal Fisher in the middle of a tutoring session with Ashley Campbell (who immediately captured Sal's attention and affection) where the blue-haired boy asks the brainiac for assistance. Once Ashley leaves, he complies.

Using Sal's Walkie Talkie and Larry Johnson's police scanner antennae, he successfully modifies the Sal's Gear Boy into the more efficient Super Gear Boy. Todd eagerly accompanies Sal to his apartment's restroom to summon the ghost he believes to live there. The experiment was a success, drawing out the weeping ghost of Greg Montague who flees quickly when he senses the approach of the Red-Eyed Demon.

Todd is initially shocked by the encounter, but willingly helps further the investigation into the murders of Sandy Sanderson at the hands of Charley Mansfield and Megan Holmes. His research reveals that the officers that arrested Mansfield weren't registered in the Police Department and the Charley that was arrested looked nothing like the one that lived in Room 203. Additionally, he uncovers an article about Megan Holmes's corpse being discovered by Lake Wendigo.

When Sal solves Jim Johnson's puzzle box and extracts a mysterious "computer chip", Todd is hesitant to link it with his computer but obliges to Sal's request in the end. The chip merges with his computer flawlessly and causes Sal to hallucinate and Todd to lose any recollection of the chip even existing, just a Rubix Cube.

Upon discovering that Sal was exploring Room 504, Todd constructed a device to ward off hostile spirits and gives it to Larry. The device works as intended but succeeds only in earning the ire of Red-Eyes.

The Bologna Incident Edit

After a particularly bad batch of bologna is served at Nocksfell High, Todd agrees to aid Sal in his investigation to discover the lunchmeat's origins, utilizing his biological expertise to examine samples. Depsite this, they couldn't determine what type of animal the meat was harvested from and decided to investigate the alleged supplier: Mrs. Packerton.

Todd plays his part in exposing the bologna by hacking into Terrence Addison's security cameras, permitting Sal and Larry to enter the Packerton Apartment Room 201 undiscovered.

The Cult's Temple Edit

When Ashley accidentally falls down a hidden chute in Room 201, Todd accompanies Sal and Larry to the basement where a secret room was hidden behind the Lost and Found shelves where a hidden trapdoor would grant them access to the domain of the Devourers of God.

Todd, although immensely fascinated by the temple's architecture, volunteers to remain at the entrance to keep the gate open. Once Ashley was safely extracted, the group returns to the surface and tried to decide what to do in order to prevent Packerton from harming anyone else. When Larry proposes killing Packerton as an option, Todd immediately agrees, as does Ashley (much to Sal's dismay). The group ultimately decides to sleep on it but discover the next day that Packerton was killed in a car accident.

The Sally Face Killer Edit

Many years later, according to Clare Nettles, Todd has become reclusive and mentally unstable, speaking only to plead for death in his padded room in a special hospital. This is due to Todd being possessed by Red-Eyes.

Trivia Edit

  • Interior of Todd's apartment the brightest and colorful of all.
  • Maybe his parents are fond of philosophy and partly "Hippie".
  • Todd is the brightest character in the game.
  • His parents are first couple showed in the game.
  • He has fish called Bob.
  • Todd is homosexual as he has a boyfriend named Neil. Their photo we can see in Todd's locker in episode 3. So Todd, obviously, anyway treats LGBT+ to the community. It isn't told about his orientation more precisely, but most of fans carries Todd to gays or bisexuals.
    • During Episode 3, if Sally Face talked to Travis, Sal will mention that Todd is "super gay" and it's who he is.
  • Todd is one of the hosts for Red-Eyes, the other being a Female Cultist, Luke Holmes, and Charley Mansfield.