Todd Morrison is a character in Sally Face that appears for the first time in Chapter Two.


Todd lives in the same apartment complex as Sal in Room 202. He is considered very tech savvy as is evidenced by a large amount of technology in his room. His parents apparently saw it as an unhealthy amount of technology and gave him a fish which he named Bob to "counter all of the technology".


He is about average height, wears glasses, and has curly orange hair. the end of Episode 3, he is in a straight jacket with his hair short and growing a beard, he is considered to be possessed possibly by the demon seen in Episode Two. Sal knows this and says that he can help if he is allowed to visit him.


In the first episode Todd is not mentioned as an NPC or a character, his apartment is empty, and if Sally approaches it, he will say "Nobody's home".

In the second episode Sally comes to Todd and meets him with one girl who came for tutor lessons that Morrison introduces her as Ashley - she's in their class. Drawing the attention of Sally, However, Fischer immediately asks Todd for help, since he also believes in any supernatural activity. A friend of the main character gladly agrees to help with his case, that together they are using the improved Super Gear Boy to talk to Greg, a ghost who lived in Todd's bathroom and who tells them a small part of Megan's story, and then disappears when Luke appears. Later on, with the help of one of Todd's inventions, Larry kills Luke and rescues Sally from him.

In the third episode Todd first appears in the cafeteria. Later he goes to the laboratory to find out the property of the bologna. Then he returns with Larry and Sal to the apartment. Todd will wait for us in his apartment, in his room. He messes with the recording of cameras so that we can get into Mrs. Packerton's apartment. Later we meet with him in the basement. In the cult temple, Todd will stand on the plate and wait until Sally and Larry return with Ashley. When they think about how to deal with Mrs. Packerton, he, like Larry, decides to kill her, but Mrs. Packerton dies in a car crash, which happened sometime the next morning. The journalist tells Sally about how they shot a report about Todd. She told that they could not talk to him. His doctor said that the damage done to him is irreversible and that he wants to die, not distinguishing fiction from reality and when he refuses he becomes aggressive. Sal says he knows what's wrong with Todd. Todd is shown in the hospital, and the image is still before jumping to Todd with red eyes very close to the screen, screaming very loudly. which likely signifies that he was possessed by the demon


  • Interior of Todd's apartment the brightest and colorful of all.
  • Maybe his parents are fond of philosophy and partly "Hippie".
  • Todd is the brightest character in the game.
  • His parents are first couple showed in the game.
  • He has fish called Bob.
  • Todd is homosexual as he has a boyfriend named Neil. Their photo we can see in Todd's locker in episode 3. So Todd, obviously, anyway treats LGBT+ to community. It isn't told about his orientation more precisely, but most of fans carries Todd to gays or bisexuals.
    • During Episode 3, if Sally Face talked to Travis, Sal will mention that Todd is "super gay" and it's who he is.
  • Todd is one of those that got controlled by the Red-Eyed Demon.