Travis is a classmate and enemy to Sal. He is constantly bullying him and often uses homophobic slurs.


At first glance, it is a typical bully that tortures Sally. All of Sal's friends treat him aggressively. Later it turns out that Travis is a vulnerable character who is in love with a guy and is very complex because of this. Since his father had taught him all his life that he felt attracted to his own sex - this is abnormal and shameful. Therefore, he insults people with such words as "fucks", "fagots", "doves", etc. He also does not want to be considered a "property" of his father, this can cause such an attitude to others. Travis is afraid to be seen as a good child in the eyes of others. He will cry in the last booth and is an important part if you collect sheets from the diary.


Travis is the son of a Christian pastor, and although he has doubts about his religion as far as sexuality goes, he is usually a religious kid.

Story Edit

Travis is not mentioned either as an NPC or as a character in first and second episodes. But in episode 3 Travis appears at the beginning of the chapter, at the moment when Sal is sitting in the classroom during the test. After teacher said something to Sal and he answered that he has already finished the work, Travis turns to him, sitting behind the desk on the side row, and angrily looks at Sal. As a result, the teacher makes a note to him, and Travis obediently turns away, continuing to write the test.

After the lesson, Travis makes an attack towards Sally when he is standing next to Ashley. From their small dialogue, we can conclude that Sally, Ash and Larry treat Travis as aggressively as he does towards them. Travis, without embarrassment, calls Ashley "bitch", and also makes Sally's claim that he is "white and fluffy" in front of everyone. In the end, after Sally's attempts to fend off, Travis hits him on the jaw and leaves

Then you can chat with him in the dining room. When Larry and Sal walk past the table where Travis sits, he will say that he "just smelled the garbage", hinting at them. After that, Travis scornfully calls Larry and Sal "doves", but clearly will not be inclined to further dialogue, since he obviously likes the sandwiches that are given on Bologna Day. Sally will hint about this during the conversation. It is worth noting that Travis sits alone at the table, not counting the NPC with green hair sitting opposite. Obviously, they do not have any contact, so we can conclude that Travis has no friends or they are negligible.

Further Travis in this chapter does not occur, however at collection of records from a diary it can be found in a school toilet. Near the door next to the garbage can be a note:

"I know we do not really know each other, but you probably already had an opinion about me, but I thought that if I talked about my feelings, everything could turn out worse. The truth is that I can not stop thinking about you. I'm crazy about you, you're so cool! But I know that these feelings are wrong. The guy should not feel like that, I'm burning with shame, even when I'm writing this, my father would kill me, but I can not live forever in his shadow. I just..."

Next comes a bunch of illegible scribbles, according to Sally. It's easy to understand that this was written by Travis, since the note mentions the father and there are words about the incorrectness of such feelings. If you go further, you can find him in the last booth in the toilet. Sally will never see the crying Travis in person, but will communicate with him. As a choice, several topics are given for conversation, so Sal can support Travis, laugh at him or find out why he hates him so much. Travis will review Sally and his friends "fagots", once again expresses the incorrectness of this. This he will explain his hatred of them.

Next, you can find out that Travis is very complex because of his father's strong custody of him, as he is trying to inspire Sally with all his might, which is not the property of the parent. In the end, in the best scenario, Sally offers Travis friendship, and he confesses that he does not hate him and his friends. Also, Travis gives Sal a note, which he found on the table of the latter, and was going to wash it off earlier in the toilet. This turns out to be an envelope in the name of Sally, which is the next page from the diary.

Trivia Edit

  • It is possible that Travis is another person with an unconventional sexual orientation.
  • He is a son of a pastor.
  • We now know to whom Travis wanted give note with confession. It is understandable that the person he described is a guy. there is quite a bit of confirmation that he wanted to give the note to Sally.
    • reason number one Travis pauses when he talks to Sal the way Sal does Towards Ashley
    • reason number two Travis in almost nervous way asks why Sal is being so nice to him
    • reason number three isn't it kind of odd that Sal was the one who found the note and then Travis starts acting a bit weird afterwards
    • there are a bunch of subtle hints that Travis likes Sal but some of them are hard to find play the third episode and try to find the rest of the hints
  • It is possible that Travis's father is abusive towards him. Because Travis appears to be a bit afraid of his father, and he has a black eye.